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Agnes River District Landcare Group


The Agnes River and District Landcare Group was formed in 1994 and aims to promote the vision of Landcare principles by working towards a sustainable environment with due regard to the diverse nature of landholdings. We seek to preserve and protect remnant vegetation, restore the health of land and waterways, expand wildlife corridors and control weeds and vermin.

This group have a 200ltr spray unit available for group members only to hire.

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Allambee Community Landcare Group


The Allambee Community Landcare Group was formed in 1994 and aims to maintain and improve the ecological status of the area, by weed and feral animal control and revegetation and restoration of indigenous plants and wildlife. We strive to educate ourselves and to welcome new-comers to the area by setting an example.

This group have a 900ltr spray unit available for group members only to hire.

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Allambee South Landcare Group


The Allambee South Landcare Group was formed in the early 1990's, has approximately 23 Landcare member families at present and strives to enhance and protect vegetation within the area and undertake effective Natural Resource Management and sustainable agriculture.

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Arawata Landcare Group


The Arawata Landcare Group was formed in 1997 and has 60+ member families. The Arawata Landcare Group works towards a sustainable and productive environment. This Group strives to encourage the return of flora and fauna through preserving, protecting and regenerating and to engage all new and existing community members.

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Friends of Strzelecki Koala


The Friends of Strzelecki Koala is a group supporting the Strzelecki Koala- a unique population of koala found in the Strzelecki Ranges in South Gippsland. Members of the group can live anywhere in the world and will receive newsletters, information, be able to help volunteer with monitoring, receive invitations to information workshops and help with other aspects of the programs. Please visit our website at to find out more.

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Franklin River Landcare Group


The Franklin River Landcare Group was formed in 1990, has 60 or more member families and strives to enhance catchment health and sustainable biodiversity in a weed and pest free environment.

The Franklin River Landcare Group have a 200L spray unit for members only to hire.

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Fish Creek Landcare Group


The Fish Creek Landcare Group was formed in 1992 and currently this Group has been classified as "Thriving" with more than 60 member families. The Fish Creek Landcare Group strives to provide the whole community with leadership and education for an ecologically sustainable environment through coordination, cooperation and communication.

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Foster North


The Foster North Landcare Group was formed in 1990 and strives towards creating an environment that is free of weeds and feral animals and encourages sustainable farming and biodiversity. Motto: "Growing Slow - Growing Strong"

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Hallston Landcare Group was formed in 1989 and aims to promote sustainable agricultural production to all landowners including foresters. The Group encourages the control of weeds and pests and promotes the protection and enhancement of waterways, remnant vegetation and biodiversity. The Group aims to promote Landcare and encourage participation with the wider Hallston community.

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Loch/Nyora Landcare Group was founded in 1996 and is located in Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority area. The group holds regular meetings and activities, as well as actively works to protect the Hilda Falls site.

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Mardan/ Mirboo North


The Mardan/Mirboo North Landcare Group was formed in 2002 and was recently classified as "thriving" with 34+ very active member families. The Mardan-Mirboo North Landcare Group aims to actively promote Best Practice in restoration of indigenous vegetation, creating a sustainable future with the broader community. Our primary goal is to celebrate planting more trees

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Mt Eccles/ Wild Dog Valley


The Mt Eccles /Wild Dog Valley Landcare Group was formed in 1997 and aims to promote a sustainable and productive environment through education, awareness, and community involvement in Landcare activities for a long-term future. The group covers 11,942 ha and is characterised by agricultural land with a few fragmented remnants.

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Mt Lyall Landcare Group


My Lyall Landcare group recently celebrated their 20th anniversary and are still going strong. The group is located around the area between Poowong, Nyora and Athlone. Members of all farming types are welcomed to join. The group often holds farm walks, guest speakers or information sessions.

The Mt Lyall Landcare Group has 2 x 900L spray units for members to hire only.

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Nerrena Landcare Group


The Nerrena Landcare Group was formed in 1995 and aims to protect and enhance the natural assets of the area, through action, community participation, education and awareness.

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Poowong and District Landcare Group


Poowong are an extremely active group who strive to improve the environment around Poowong through weed control, tree planting and healthy soils. The group regularly lobbys to ensure the environmental and agricultural integrity of the area remians. The group holds regular meetings, farm walks, field trips and guest speakers on a wide range of topics from weed control to seagrasses in Westernport Bay.

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South Gippsland Equine Landcare Group


The South Gippsland Equine Landcare Group formed in early 2013. The Group's main aim is to improve the land for both horses and their environment. As the group has no geographical restraints the members are from right across South Gippsland, from Pakenham to Yarram. Anyone who is passionate about their horses and Landcare is welcome to join!

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Tarwin Landcare Group


The Tarwin Landcare Group was first formed in 1995 with the motto "for the farmers, by the farmers". The Group aims to maximise funding into the district for individual on-ground works that promote the ethic of sustainability. The group also places a high priority on communicating landholder's and community responsibility for pest plant and pest animal control.

The Tarwin Landcare Group have a 900L unit for hire for both members of the Tarwin group, and members of surrounding Landcare groups.

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Tarwin Valley


The Tarwin Valley Landcare Group was formed in 2011 and is located in the previous areas of the Jindinook and Stony Creek Landcare groups. The driving force of Landcare in the area has always been the continual development of links along the east branch of the Tarwin River and its tributaries. The group covers 24,524 ha and is characterised by agricultural land with a few fragmented remnants.

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Triholm Landcare Group


Triholm Landcare group is located north east of Poowong and has been operating since 1992. The group is passionate about managing weeds and the environment in its area.

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